Intrinsic Factors of Global Bases

Many cities around the world are preoccupied by Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which are recognized as being at the heart of increased economic activity and positive social development.  It is becoming more and more apparent, that the best way to encourage both, is to attract and support highly-skilled, open, ideas-orientated people, at least initially, through services and infrastructure.  There are a number of factors that dictate the ease with which a city can establish, (or exclude) itself as an innovation hub, including the existing density of the population, the prevailing social culture, current infrastructure, standard and cost of living, and environmental considerations such as climate.

In the discussions of these issues, the Global Lifestyle Project seeks to offer a new perspective to the debate, working with public bodies, think tanks, and private sector service providers, to better understand and respond to the Global Lifestyle community, to their mutual benefit.