Ideas & Thinking

The Global Lifestyle Project is an ongoing experiment in lifestyle design in which we will (dis)prove our own ideas and seek new insights that enable us to paint a clearer picture of the requirements and opportunities for all who are interested in this space..

Our ideas are divided into two main areas:

  1. The Practical – this includes the physical, logistical, legal and financial aspects of living globally.
  2. The Theoretical – this includes the psychological, anthropological and social aspects of being based from multiple locations across the globe.

This is an ongoing project and although we have summarized the core topics as identified by our panel of experts, we’re still researching and collecting information that will eventually complete the picture.  If the topics on the right of any page are highlighted, there’s more information behind them.  In other words, if it’s pink it’s a link!

We recognize that there are many other great people and minds out there tackling a number of these issues.  These are the categories that have really resonated with us.  We know our search has not been 100% exhaustive so if you have any tips, let us know.