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Live for a week, we have been overwhelmed with responses to the GLP website and want to say a big thank you for all the initial feedback. We’ll be taking it on board in various ways over the next few months, so keep checking back to see what’s new.

The Global Lifestyle Project is about community, and we hope that you, as a visitor to this website, will soon be counting yourself as a member, but it’s also about exploration, and the individual expression of what it means to live from multiple locations, and how those locations are themselves transforming to meet those individual needs.

We’ve been hearing a variety of opinions about the kinds of services that should be highlighted, as well as about the very definition of a global lifestyle “hub”. Perhaps the word hub is misleading, as it’s associated with a certain level of activity and sophistication. Maybe we should be using the word “node”, which is less loaded. Ultimately, the places you choose to be should simply be the ones that suit you best, at any given time. So, if you need solitude to focus, then being off-grid on a Hebridean island, would be just as appropriate a choice as San Francisco would be to a tech entrepreneur with a start-up to pitch. Our focus is on productivity, and how quality of life, which is fundamentally tied up with location, can be improved by allowing for flexibility and movement.

What we’re interested in is to make this movement easier and more acceptable, and so we’ve given it a voice and a name. Without compromising the benefits of non-conformity, we’re recognizing the potential of this trend, both to validate the community’s choices as individuals, and to harness the collective interest to produce great stuff – relationships, products and ways of thinking.

You will be hearing more voices than ours alone, so look out for guest contributors and profiles of incredible organizations. As always, suggestions are welcome, so please get involved!

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