Hire Us

We’re a creative and connected team that uses our global resources, to collaborate with partners and clients.

We bring diverse disciplines together to develop new products, services and strategies that are aligned to the Global Lifestyle community, and can enhance its potential.

Our objective is always to inspire the greatest positive social impact, using methods that emphasize productivity and sustainable business.

The things you’d want us to work with you on, are:





We’re most interested in consumer-facing innovation that facilitates the global lifestyle experience. We work on both the Front End – the nitty gritty development of discrete products and services, as well as the Back End – the big picture strategic planning and thought-leadership.

We’re good at devising all kinds of engagement tools, from in-person events and workshops, to virtual applications and platforms, which build bridges between the global lifestyle community and local entrepreneurs or public authorities.

We design these tools to encourage the cross-pollination of ideas, and help domestic products and services reach international markets. We offer opportunities for rapid feedback, prototyping and for sourcing talent and financial support from abroad.

We also have lots of content, and can provide materials, thought-leadership and research focused in the areas of global living, hybrid thinking, innovation, ideation, human resources and design. These are suitable for live, online and printed formats.

If you’d like to talk to us about the project that your working on, and see whether we can take it to the next level, please email us.