The Concept

The Global Lifestyle Project is an experiment in lifestyle design.  It seeks to discover, document and share the conditions that together enable the most fulfilling existence for globally oriented creative individuals.  This is measured according to both qualitative – perceived quality of life, and quantitative – volume and value of output, terms.

The Global Lifestyle Project is about living and working from a limited number of well defined and carefully chosen ‘home’ bases around the world, unique to every individual. This affords the benefits of a nomadic lifestyle – shifting horizon, avoiding status quo, not taking things for granted, constant flow of inspiration, with those of being settled – strong social and business networks, understanding how the city, culture and business conventions operate.

Living a global life enables individuals to leverage contacts and ideas derived from one base against those of another, to produce new and unique concepts based on a constant flow of surprising conversations and confrontations.  By maintaining a number of established bases around the world, it also enables them to free up their creative brains to focus 100% on ‘production’, consequently becoming more valuable and effective in a professional context, contented and happy in a personal one.

The Global Lifestyle Project is about achieving a perfect balance between constantly shifting the horizon and feeling ‘at home’.