Meet the Founders of the Global Lifestyle Project

London born Lizzie Shupak has spent her career at the nexus of social innovation, technology & entrepreneurship. Before embarking on the Global Lifestyle Project she was a business and brand strategist, additionally working in social media and marketing.

Lizzie has worked in both for and non-profit sectors, across industries including Education, Eco/Green, Retail, Financial Services and Youth.  She graduated from Cambridge University and has been a visiting researcher at Columbia University’s Institute for Social and Economic Research & Policy. She is also charged with ‘Big Picture Stuff’ for Wok+Wine.

New Zealander, Peter Mandeno has worked across the globe as Creative and Managing Director in the fields of Marketing, Concept Development, Design and Entertainment.

After more than a decade in the innovation space Peter has a unique perspective on the changing global creative landscape.  His desire to constantly challenge himself with new ideas, people and cultures led him to explore the notion of the Global Lifestyle Project to challenge the outdated rules that guide most people through their lives.  Peter also created Wok+Wine – a global network of super-connected individuals.

Lizzie & Peter live in San Francisco, Auckland, Amsterdam, New York and London.